NVRs, IP cameras, bio-metrics access, and Covid-19 monitoring devices are among the security solutions we provide.

 An NVR camera system can be as small as a single camera or stretch across thousands of cameras in multiple locations around the globe. Indoor and outdoor cameras can be placed in various spots around buildings and properties, usually operating 24/7.  These can be customized to alert in response to certain activities during specific times of the day. TechTribe provides NVR Camera solutions by equipping business owners with the three parts needed for an NVR camera system, cameras, a network, and the NVR itself.

 The key part of an NVR security camera system is the NVR server, which is not actually a camera. Some NVRs are devices that contain physical hard drives; others are cloud-based, leveraging cloud storage and technology. However, all NVRs perform the exact same job: they receive video footage through an internet connection and save the footage for future review. NVRs contains several ports so that you can hook up multiple cameras. TechTribe’s on-site technicians are able to assist with NVR configurations, as well as other similar IP camera setups.

 The advantages of your business is equipped with cameras and biometric authentication ensures safety in your workplace. Biometric authentication is a fast, convenient, and spoof-proof way of identifying personnel. Business owners have been opting towards biometrics lately after details such as PINs and passwords of employees have likely been leaked in data breaches before, leaving the company vulnerable to exploitation. Though a hacker may know a person uses their mother’s maiden name and a few lucky numbers for most of their online passwords, they can’t get their fingerprint to unlock an account if they can’t provide it on the spot.