Networking & Security

While you’re reading this, attackers might be persistently trying to breach your network, and they are using increasingly refined methods to find a way in. Do you have the means to stop them? What about those that already found their way in? Digitization has transformed how our world functions. How we work, play, and function have all changed. Every business that wants to deliver the services that customers and employees demand must safeguard its network. Network security also helps you guard proprietary information against an attack. Ultimately protecting your reputation.

You’ll need a next-generation firewall and the managed firewall solution from TechTribe to keep your local network safe, as well as your company’s information and resources, secret and secure. This firewall monitors incoming and outgoing network traffic and determines whether to permit or stop specific traffic based on a specified batch of security rules.

Using behavioral examination and the latest threat intelligence, we strive to deliver more excellent network protection. We allow you to boost control over application and user behavior to fend off potential malware intrusion, as well as expand our boundaries by researching the latest global security, aggregating intelligence for action, and enhancing collaboration with other security experts.

Our service comprises specialized, cutting-edge protection products as well as the experience of our security specialists. Firewalls protect your network from viruses and security breaches while connecting numerous branches and allowing your employees to access permitted systems when working remotely safely.

You’ll also get detailed information on internet usage and the ability to set up time-based restrictions for all employees.